State module for managing AWS Api Gateway Base Path Mapping resources.

async, ctx, name: str, rest_api_id: str, domain_name: str, base_path: str = None, stage: str = None, resource_id: str = None) Dict[str, Any][source]#

Creates a new resource or modifies an existing one.

  • name (str) – An idem name of the resource.

  • rest_api_id (str) – AWS rest api id of the associated Api.

  • domain_name (str) – The domain name of the BasePathMapping resource to create.

  • base_path (str, Optional) – The base path name that callers of the API must provide as part of the URL after the domain name. This value must be unique for all of the mappings across a single API. Specify ‘(none)’ if you do not want callers to specify a base path name after the domain name.

  • stage (str, Optional) – The name of the API’s stage that you want to use for this mapping. Specify ‘(none)’ if you want callers to explicitly specify the stage name after any base path name.

  • resource_id (str, Optional) – Idem Resource ID that is generated once the resource is created..

Request Syntax:
  • name: ‘string’

  • rest_api_id: ‘string’

  • domain_name: ‘string’

  • stage: ‘string’

  • base_path: ‘string’


Dict[str, Any]


  • name:

  • rest_api_id: 1s6c0ucab9

  • domain_name:

  • stage: staging

  • base_path: idem

async, ctx, name: str, domain_name: str = None, base_path: str = None, resource_id: str = None)[source]#

Deletes the specified base path mapping.

  • name (str) – The Idem name of the resource.

  • domain_name (str, Optional) – the domain name of the BasePathMapping resource to delete.

  • base_path (str, Optional) – The base path name of the BasePathMapping resource to delete. To specify an empty base path, set this parameter to ‘(none)’ .

  • resource_id (str, Optional) – AWS Resource id. Defaults to None.


Dict[str, Any]


    - name: value
    - resource_id: value
async, ctx) Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]][source]#

Describe the API Gateway base path mapping associated with a specific API.

Returns a list of apigateway.base_path_mapping descriptions


Dict[str, Any]


$ idem describe aws.apigateway.base_path_mapping