Exec module for managing Amazon API Gateway Integration Responses.

async, ctx, resource_id: str, name: str = None)[source]#

Get an API Gateway Integration Response from AWS.

  • resource_id (str) –

    Idem Resource ID that is generated once the resource is created,

    formatted as: <rest_api_id>-<parent_resource_id>-<http_method>-<status_code>

  • name (str, Optional) – An Idem name of the API Gateway Integration.


{"result": True|False, "comment": A message List, "ret": Dict[str, Any]}


Calling this exec module function from the cli with resource_id

idem exec aws.apigateway.integration_response.get resource_id="resource_id" name=name

Calling this exec module function from within a state module in pure python

async def state_function(hub, ctx, name, resource_id, name):
    ret = await, resource_id=resource_id, name=name)