Exec module for managing Amazon API Gateway Deployments.

async, ctx, resource_id: str, rest_api_id: str, name: str = None)[source]#

Get an API Gateway Deployments from AWS. If more than one resource is found, the first resource returned from AWS will be used. The function returns None when no resource is found.

  • resource_id (str) – Resource ID of the AWS Deployment.

  • rest_api_id (str) – The string identifier of the associated RestApi.

  • name (str, Optional) – An Idem name of the API Gateway Deployment.


{"result": True|False, "comment": A message List, "ret": Dict[str, Any]}


Calling this exec module function from the cli with resource_id

idem exec aws.apigateway.deployment.get resource_id="resource_id" rest_api_id="rest_api_id"

Calling this exec module function from within a state module in pure python

    - path: aws.apigateway.deployment.get
    - kwargs:
        rest_api_id: 5hkdu2
        resource_id: f8kils
        name: test-deployments-name